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  Shawnee Animal Hospital has a long history of service and commitment to the health and well being of the special companions of our friends and neighbors. 

We have maintained a 24 hour full service hospital with the highest standards of care at affordable prices since 1952 (in our present location).  We currently have the best technologically equipped mixed animal / small animal private hospital in the state. 

Our commitment to providing quality, professional care is bound by the traditional values of honor and integrity.    The dedicated doctors at Shawnee Animal Hospital have included: Paul Phillips, Luther Wilcoxson, Harold Miller, James Hensley, James Santino, Marvin Ellis, Scott Steward, Rory Stricklin, to name a few. 

This list includes a Board Certified Theriogenologist, a Professor of the Year at OSU Vet Med School, OVMA Veterinarian of the Year,  OVMA Equine Veterinarian of the Year, OVMA Bovine Veterinarian of the Year to name a few of the awards these doctors accumulated. 

Currently, Mike Steward, Daina Iman, and Alex Simpson provide the primary veterinary staff at the hospital.   Dr. Steward was nominated to the International Equine Veterinary Hall of Fame (Lexington, Kentucky) in 2009 for his contributions to the welfare of horses with laminitis. (Google –  Steward Clog, Wooden shoe, Horse, Laminitis).  

The long standing contributions to the community and services provided for the welfare of all creatures great and small combine to make a healthy and happy environment for this area. 

The financial investment the hospital has made to the youth programs including the 4-H and FFA Livestock Shows, sports, dance, cheerleading, Vo-Tech, Horse Shows and Racing have been substantial- showing our level of commitment to the advancing of these worthy character building projects.  

  The number of staff members the hospital employs to ensure the patients and clients are properly cared for and made welcome, contributes substantially to the local economy and allows a number of young aspiring future veterinarians to get their OJT before they make the plunge into a strenuous veterinary education. 

The hospital has provided hundreds of veterinary students the opportunity to learn from experienced doctors with an abundance of support personnel and technology to enhance their education.  

Honor, integrity, expertise, and friendly- common sense old fashion service are the building blocks that have made Shawnee Animal Hospital a name that is known not only in Oklahoma, but throughout the United States and in many other countries around the world.                              

                                              -Micheal L. Steward, DVM

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