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Wellness Visits for Exotic Pets

If your pet slithers, flies, or crawls, our veterinarians can help them to be happy and healthy! Quality exotic pet care can be difficult to find, but we offer comprehensive veterinary services for all species at Shawnee Animal Hospital, including wellness visits, lab work, and even grooming services.

An annual check-up is important for all, even exotic pets! In fact, wellness visits may be even more necessary for exotics because it is often more difficult for their owners to tell when they are feeling under the weather. However, a veterinarian will be able to detect underlying symptoms of potential illness, and to administer tests to be certain of your pet's condition.

Another important aspect of wellness exams for your exotic pet is the education we strive to provide at every visit. The behavioral impulses and habits of a snake, bird, or sugar glider tend to be more elusive than that of dogs and cats, but our veterinary staff can help you understand how your pet ticks, and what keeps them feeling safe and well.