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In-House Laboratory

At Shawnee Animal Hospital, we are proud to provide the benefit of an on-site laboratory. Having an in-house lab enables us to perform a wide array of tests that can help us understand your pet's health. Performing tests on-site, rather than shipping samples to an external laboratory, streamlines the diagnostic process, thereby allowing us to treat your pet faster and more accurately.

In critical cases, our lab can return quick results so that our doctors can get started on treatment right away. Sometimes, results can be made available as soon as fifteen minutes! For tests that take a little longer, we will typically call you the next day to share the results. Some of the tests we regularly perform include the following:

Complete blood count (CBC) is one of the most common blood tests ordered by veterinarians. It can give us valuable information to help diagnose infections, anemia, blood clotting ability, and immune response, by informing us about the different cells in the blood.

Urinalysis is a test conducted to determine the chemistry of the urine. It can diagnose urinary tract diseases, as well as diseases of the liver and kidneys. For many patients, such as older cats, this test is routine and essential to a complete exam.

Parasite testing, or a fecal exam, should be conducted at least once a year to prevent unwanted and unhealthy pests from plaguing your pet.

In addition to these common tests, we can also perform several other less frequent tests. We strive to expedite accurate results to our clients in order to facilitate the appropriate treatments for our animal patients.