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Our History

Shawnee Veterinary Hospital has stood in its present location in Shawnee, Oklahoma since 1952. Over the decades we have become the leading mixed small and large animal practice in the area.

The primary veterinarians at the hospital presently are Dr. Mike Steward and Dr. Alex Simpson. Dr. Steward was honored to be nominated to the International Equine Hall of Fame in 2009 for his important contribution to equine medicine, the steward clog. The steward clog is a treatment for laminitis in addition to other leg and hoof disorders. It has saved the lives of many horses, and the mobility of many more. Dr. Steward has spoken around the world about his invention, and treated countless horses with the clog.

We became a thriving practice by consistently delivering exemplary service to our patients, and by operating a business based on the values of integrity and honor. We hope to continue administering outstanding veterinary treatments to the community we love for decades more to come.