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Large Animal Services

Shawnee Animal Hospital is world-renowned for its large animal services. In addition to equine care, we are equipped to treat cattle, swine, llamas, alpacas, chickens, and small ruminants. Essentially, any type of animal which may be in your care! Our facility is equipped with stalls for horses or other large animal care, and easy loading and unloading. If you believe that your horse or livestock could benefit from our large animal services, or your entire herd, please give us a call at (405) 275-0990. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and schedule an appointment with one of our caring and knowledgeable doctors.

Large Animal Wellness Care

An annual physical examination allows our doctors to ensure that your horse is healthy and content. Routine wellness procedures such as deworming, vaccinations, and dental care are also critical to the health of horses. At your annual wellness exam, our doctors will check the body condition, mouth, teeth, coat, and musculoskeletal system of the patient, as well as test for parasites and offer advice for prevention.

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Farm Calls

We want to keep your pet healthy, just like you do! The key to a long, full life for your pet is prevention and early detection of health problems. Shawnee Animal Hospital provides a number of preventative services to protect your pet’s health and ensure timely treatment of illness.

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Specialty Services

Our large animal services at Shawnee Animal Hospital include shockwave therapy, farm calls, large animal wellness care, including dentistry, wellness exams, and equine farrier, as well as herd health consultation and breed and reproductive care. Our team is here for all of your large animal service needs.

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