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Senior Pet Care

Senior pets need a little extra tender loving care to remain healthy and happy. Just like humans, as pets age they tend to slow down, their immune systems weaken, and their energy decreases. Senior pets are more prone to conditions such as blindness, arthritis, dental disease, diabetes, and cancer than their younger counterparts.

Caring For Your Senior Pet

Are you unsure if your pet is considered senior yet? Most large or giant breed dogs are considered seniors by the age of seven, and cats are typically considered senior around the age of nine or ten. In general, dogs and cats are certainly considered geriatric by the time they reach the double digits.

For elderly pets, we recommend more frequent wellness visits so we can catch potential health threats as early as possible, and potentially treat and monitor chronic conditions as they are ongoing. At their wellness exams, we will be able to perform routine tests. Not all conditions can be caught in their preliminary stages with a physical exam alone. Here are some of your suggested tests for senior pets:

Blood work is tremendously helpful for providing a full picture of your pet’s health. It can reveal infections, anemia, diabetes, kidney failure, liver disease, and more.

X-Rays help us to understand the inner workings of your pet's musculoskeletal system. They can allow the doctor to diagnose cancer and arthritis.

Urinalysis is an essential part of a complete veterinary dataset. It can pinpoint many age-related diseases such as liver disease and diabetes.

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