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Small Animal Services

At Shawnee Animal Hospital, we provide a variety of small animal services to help your pet not only maintain their health, but also feel their best. From prevention and diagnosis to treatment, our team has you covered.

Preventative Care

Vaccinations, wellness exams, microchipping, parasite control, weight and nutrition counseling are all part of Shawnee Animal Hospital's preventative services.

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Diagnostic Care

At Shawnee Animal Hospital, our diagnostic services include an in-house laboratory for quick and accurate results, allergy testing and dermatology, and advanced imaging.

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Veterinary Pet Surgery

At Shawnee Animal Hospital, we understand that surgery can be a stressful time for both you and your pet. Our team is here to answer questions every step of the way, from routine to complex procedures.

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Pet Dental Services

Pets need their teeth examined and cleaned regularly just like we do, but they rely on us to help make that happen. That’s where we come in. Dental care is a vital component of your pet’s total wellness care. Many pet owners don’t realize that dental problems can cause other health problems. Your pet’s teeth and gums should be examined once a year to assess dental health and make appropriate dental care recommendations.

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Complementary Therapies

At Shawnee Animal Hospital, we combine traditional veterinary medicine with complementary therapies in order to give your pet the best treatment possible, whether they're suffering from chronic or acute pain. We offer laser therapy, chiropractic care, and shockwave therapy.

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Veterinary ophthalmology is the study and treatment of disorders of the eye of different animals. Our medical team can treat a variety of both genetic and environmental caused eye issues. Here are a few examples of common ophthalmology conditions and procedures:

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Exotic Pet Care

If your pet slithers, flies, or crawls, our veterinarians can help them to be happy and healthy! Quality exotic pet care can be difficult to find, but we offer comprehensive veterinary services for all species at Shawnee Animal Hospital, including wellness visits, lab work, and even grooming services.

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Puppy & Kitten Care

Are you planning on adding a new pet to your home? Congratulations! We look forward to welcoming them into the Shawnee Animal Hospital family. The doctors and staff at Shawnee Animal Hospital want to help your puppy or kitten grow up strong and healthy. Information about our recommended care for adolescent pets is provided in the following descriptions:

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Senior Pet Care

Senior pets need a little extra tender loving care to remain healthy and happy. Just like humans, as pets age they tend to slow down, their immune systems weaken, and their energy decreases. Senior pets are more prone to conditions such as blindness, arthritis, dental disease, diabetes, and cancer than their younger counterparts.

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